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The normal material of Screw and Barrel:

Hardness after hardening and tempering:HB260°~320°
Nitrided Hardness:HV950°~1000°
Nitrided Depth:0.50~0.7mm
Nitrided Brittleness:above 2 stage
Surface Roughness:Ra0.4
Screw straightness:0.015mm
Hardess of surface chromium-plating after Nitriding:HV≥950HV
Chromium-plating Depth:0.05~0.10mm
ALLoy Depth:0.8~2.0mm
Alloy hardness:HRC56°~65°
Co rotating parallel twin screw-screw elements

process specification of screw and barrel:

    Ф60/2, Ф65/2, Ф70/2, Ф72/2, Ф75/2, Ф80/2, Ф85/2, Ф90/2, Ф93/2, Ф100/2, Ф105/2, Ф110/2,Ф115/2, Ф120/2, Ф125/2, ...


screw material:


 raw material:  The finished product Processing requirements:
 38CrMoAlA,SACM645,42CrMo  Nitriding treatment
 42CrMo,AISI 4140  Hard chrome coated layer
 Cr12MoV,SKD11,SKD61,YXMI,EFZD,DC53,SKH55,SKH59,SKH58,SKH51,SKH-9,ASP60,ASP30,ASP25,CW6Mo5Cr4V2  Alloy steel


screw elements--HRF10 Extremely superfi ne diamond tungsten steel

Has the extremely good abrasion resistance performance,but slightly less s...

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