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The normal material of Screw and Barrel:

Hardness after hardening and tempering:HB260°~320°
Nitrided Hardness:HV950°~1000°
Nitrided Depth:0.50~0.7mm
Nitrided Brittleness:above 2 stage
Surface Roughness:Ra0.4
Screw straightness:0.015mm
Hardess of surface chromium-plating after Nitriding:HV≥950HV
Chromium-plating Depth:0.05~0.10mm
ALLoy Depth:0.8~2.0mm
Alloy hardness:HRC56°~65°
The Bimetallic Screw And Barrel

screw material

 raw material  The finished product Processing requirements
 38CrMoAlA,SACM645,40Cr,AISI4140,42CrMo  Bimetallic of The inner hole centrifugal casting
 GHII3  nature hard after high temperature

Alloy classification:

A-iron alloy cylinder
B-nickel alloy cylinder
C-tungsten alloy cylinder

The advantage of bimetallic screw:

strong abration resistant,good for the 30% glass fiber.

Skin characteristics:

1,super hard alloy of high density,low porosity and high hardness.
2,uniformity heating of powder and low strength pressure.
3,can effectively smooth spray.
4,high dynamic energy and uniform hardness.
5,with high corrosion resistance,high wear resistance and high temperature resistance properties.
6,The adhesion force,can be processing,coating thickness.
Hardness: HV1100-1400
Adhesion strength:Above 10000Ps
Alloy powder of tungsten carbide (WC):
Nickel chromium alloy (NiCr),
Self fluxing alloy (also according to the different material,the use of alloy powder mix)


The barrel inner hole centrifugal casting of metal,alloy screw and barrel:with wear and corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance,high pressure resistance,commonly used,lens,transparent shell,cosmetics containers,transparent acrylic,nylon,PVC,PC,PPA,PPO,PPS,PA6T,LCP,ABS,bakelite,fire PC+glass fiber,Nylon+glass fiber,powder,ceramic powder,aluminum powder,iron powder,electric injection molding machine

product category:bimetallic hole centrifugal casting barrel
processing technic:HP/HVOF+Metallurgical Bonding
alloying component:Ni+Cr+Wc and so on
hardness scale:HRC62-64
adhesion power:>126MPA
surface roughness:Ra0.4um
Alloy nameplate:Sweden
Product note:Patent all alloy sintering technology,super wear resistance,super corrosion resistance,it is suitable for halogen free material

common plastic Using Effects:

 model  Content of Glass fiber  Melting point of Raw material(℃)  Guarantee Period for screw & barrel(mouth)
 PBT  30  260  15
 BPT  30  260  15
 PA46  0  320  10
 HTN  30  260  12
 LCP E 30l black〈901-0214-016〉  30  310  10
 LCP E 6807l HF white〈901-0218-016〉  30  260  15
 LCP E 6807l HF black〈901-0238-016〉  30  240  15
 LCP E 130l black〈901-0214-016〉  30  240  15
 LCP E 6807l HF white〈901-0218-016〉  40  320-370  10
 HIPS black〈901-0114-012〉  0  320-370  10
 HIPS blue〈901-0114-012〉  0  210  15
 LCP ZE 55201 HF black〈Dupont materials〉〈901-0114-012〉  50  210  15
 LCP E 6807l Z white〈901-0138-016〉  50  320-350  10
 LCP S 6807l white〈901-0138-016〉  50  320-350  8
 LCP S 476 〈901-0147-016〉  50  320-350  8
 LCP E 6807l HFZ〈901-0146-016〉  50  320-350  8
 HTN〈901-01B9-002〉  30  320-350  8
 PA66     30  285  8
 DupontHTN   30  310  10
 MitsuiPA6T  30  310  10
 SoIvayPTA  30   320  10

Alloy coated screw properties and USES...
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