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     Zhoushan Industrial Co.,Ltd.DMJ original spare parts mainly to foreign trade processing enterprises-the gradual and healthy development of the main pieces of equipment for the plastics extrusion-Professional twin-screw manufacturers.



The company's unique technology of the original,and perfect quality assurance system,with independent intellectual property rights"DMJ"staff through continuous efforts and Swedish research engineer with nickel alloy welding technology to improve and develop a long wearable,two quality series of ultra-high temperature corrosion-resistant screw:DMJ-YZ6-AAAG and DMJ-YK20-AAAG.At home and abroad to high corrosion,high filling PVC,sheet,pipe,sheet,profiles,wood,hanging siding,PE wood and other recycled materials market,our unique quality of the screw,to monopolize the market life of ultra-durable glory.


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